Beauty Beyond the Bottle

There are seemingly endless ways to pursue the perfect complexion. Topical treatments are a mainstay for most of us, and yes, those creams, lotions, serums, and masks can accomplish a lot.

But what happens when you want to take your skincare regime to the next level?

Given the increasingly high tech world we live in, it only makes sense to harness some of those incredible technological advances for the benefit of better skin, too. And one of the most exciting applications at the crossroads of cutting edge technology and beauty is most certainly the use of LED treatment therapies.

Light-emitting diode therapy – more commonly referred to as LED therapy – has displayed some truly impressive skincare results in both clinical and informal trials. Improvements in a variety of skincare issues – from acne and rosacea to aging-related complaints like wrinkles and age spots – have been well documented.

How does it work? The simple answer is that LED therapy stimulates healing and promotes an increase of firmness and collagen production through an activation of cell excitement with specific wavelengths. Variations in wavelength and function can be used to treat various skin conditions. Yellow, red, blue and other infrared light therapies are used to target a variety of issues, and can be used in varying combinations to increase collagen, reduce inflammation, promote circulation, destroy bacteria and promote skin recovery, among other things.

Some of the top skincare professionals across the country have honed in on this high-tech technique of LED applications, and luxury beauty consumers couldn’t be happier with the results. In fact, as Grace Gavilanes writes on, a single facialist at New York’s famed Red Door Spa can do between three to eight of these powerful LED treatments per day!

“But because of its hefty price tag ($195 for 50 minutes; $125 for 30 minutes), the LED facial may just be a go-to before special occasions,” Ms. Gavilanes points out.

Imagine, however, if you could have this technology in the privacy and convenience of your own home? That’s where the MODULO Pro+ System - an intelligent skincare system – is a skincare enthusiast’s new best friend, offering up a truly amazing array of functions. Photon LED Therapy (with red, blue, green, yellow, pink and flashing pink settings) softens wrinkles, treats acne, discoloration and dark spots, brightens the complexion, and more. The best part is that they use the purest grade light, so there is no UV damage. A Radio Frequency and Electrical Muscle Stimulation mode softens fine lines and crow’s feet while reducing puffiness and under-eye bags, and improving elasticity and firmness. Positive Ion and Negative Ion modes help purge skin of toxins and allow for greater penetration of topical products. Sonic Vibration and Ultrasonic Massage modes promote collagen production and cell turnover. It’s the epitome of multi-tasking.

While this incredible tool delivers amazing skincare benefits, it’s even more effective because it’s paired with MODULO’s specially formulated serums and creams. That’s where the “intelligent skincare” comes in: the skincare products features unique ingredients that are activated by the individual lights in the device, for even more dramatic results. So out goes any guesswork when using this top shelf technology and getting the results you need without worrying about using the wrong one!

There’s a growing collection of research and evidence to support the claim that LED therapies can be powerfully effective in treating a variety of skincare problems. And when such a simple addition to your routine can bring you that much closer to a glowing, gorgeous complexion (bonus: no pricey dermatologist or spa appointment required!), what’s not to love?