The Ultimate At Home Spa

It never fails: you shell out a small fortune for a relaxing spa day, only to undo all your unwinding the moment you get home. It wasn’t until visiting the home of a former Scandinavian model who years later exudes envy-inducing radiant skin and a constant aura of Zen-like calm that we discovered the benefits of getting your spa on in the comfort of your own home (not least of which is never needing an appointment!). The main plus is that the more upkeep you do regularly for your skin and hair, the less damage control you will need by your aesthetician and stylist. We’ve provided you with our faves for the ultimate at home spa experience, from treatments to Zen-friendly décor. Enjoy!

1. Ambience is Key

Even if the rest of your home is in chaos, it’s important to carve out even the smallest of space of a calming aesthetic. It’s as easy as buying silk orchids in your favorite shade and a set of plush white spa towels that are only for your weekly ritual. Keep them stored with a lavender satchel (lavender has natural calming qualities). Nothing beats clean, fluffy towels that smell nice.

Next, choose your scent – we absolutely love Thompson Ferriers White Tea and Mint Silver Buddha Candle. Not only does it smell heavenly, but it’s a chic, glamourous way to evoke one of the most symbolic figures of Zen. 

2. Steam Your Way to Younger Skin

According to, regular face steaming not only opens pores to allow for the escape of blackhead causing dirt and grime, but helps circulation and is an effective anti-aging method. “In youth, cellular turnover takes, on average, 28 days. As people age, however, they do not shed the dead cells as quickly, and skin begins to look old, depleted and tired. Steam helps loosen the cellular cement that binds too many dead skin cells to the surface of skin. After a facial steam, skin appears fresher and younger-looking.” . We love using our Modulo Steamer weekly – not only is it incredibly refreshing and relaxing, but it helps maintain our pores and keeps pesky blemishes at bay, drastically decreasing the need for constant facials. We don’t even bother putting it away because it looks so chic on our bathroom counter!

3. Say Hello to Healthy, Super Soft Hair

It’s no secret that coloring, weekly blow drying and styling, and even harsh weather has the ultimate effect of having you run back to your stylist for constant conditioning treatments, or chopping off damaged ends. Incorporating a strong hair mask into your routine (weekly or bi-weekly) is a terrific way of keeping hair soft and healthy, minimizing the need for drastic salon repair measures. We love Nuuvo Haircare’s Mega Moisture Argan Mask – not only does it get our colored, heat battered hair looking like spun silk, but it’s made of all plant based, nutrient rich ingredients, including pure argan oil, shea butter, and even mineral based guar gum. It’s become almost as addicting as our weekly blowouts!

4.Cozy Up in Comfort

One of the best parts of a spa visit is slipping into a plush, roomy robe that envelopes you in luxury. There’s no reason your at-home oasis can’t have the same thing – and one that is reserved (as your towels) for spa day. Keep it separate from the one you wear when bathing your kids, doing laundry, or putting on your daily makeup. It’ll be one of the first things you look forward to in preparing for your weekly “me time” ritual.