Not Your Momma’s Mama

It’s that time of year when we are bombarded with commercials and emails to remind us that Mom deserves yet another heart shaped pendant, or two dozen chocolate covered roses. Ah mom, the woman who cared for us for when we were sick, stayed up for hours after a long day at work to help us finish our science project, and got us through our first break-up. It’s hard to imagine sometimes because mom is oftentimes our superhero, that she is, after all, a red-blooded woman. Especially in 2016, this means she (just like you) is concerned with looking and feeling good, loves to be pampered, and yes, likes technology!

According to “Women in their 40s and 50s and beyond—with their exquisite, off-the-charts-toned bodies—are transforming our notions of a mature woman’s figure and inspiring us to think about remaining healthfully vibrant for far longer than we ever have in the past.” It’s no wonder that today’s moms are finding their physical prowess later in life, and there is no shortage of mothers and daughters getting their Soul Cycle on. Forego the fattening treats – what mom really wants is a gift certificate to her favorite workout studio or snazzy activewear to show off her newly toned physique. The same Vogue article cites celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, who emphasizes the importance of keeping on the move as metabolism begins to slow down with age, by using a Fitbit to count steps.

And you’re not the only one worrying about ageing – mom may not talk about it with you, but she is not thrilled about the changes in her skin. It’s no secret that collagen production is the key to keeping skin look young, and that this process slows down as we age. According to the Dartmouth Journal of Science, “In our forties, collagen is no longer produced. The collagen and elastin fibers break, thicken, stiffen, clump together, and lose their elasticity. This results in wrinkles and aging lines. Finally, in our fifties, the skin becomes dry and is easily bruised, damaged, or broken because the sebaceous (oil) glands have decreased in size. In women, menopause causes a decrease in estrogen levels, leaving the skin drier, thinner, more sensitive, and less toned”. Hopefully your mom hasn’t signed up for the cat woman special at the plastic surgeon’s office, and would prefer a safer, less invasive alternative to boosting collagen production in the comfort of her own home. MODULO’s Dual Collagen Activator uses hot and cold technology to activate collagen production, improving the skin’s elasticity with only a 5 minute treatment.

What woman doesn’t love to be pampered? Whereas before it was considered a luxury to get a blowout outside of a color/cut appointment, blow dry bars have made it de rigeur for ladies to be perfectly coiffed on a regular basis. Especially if mom is physically active, she’ll love getting a wash and fresh blowout (and at $40, a month’s worth still comes in less than most spa days).



Adam Xavier