A Tale of Two Temps

In our ongoing quest for gorgeous, glowing skin, it’s easy to get obsessed about the stuff we’re slathering on it - and who can blame us? Trying to figure out whether you need a BB cream, CC cream or DD cream feels like a riddle, while keeping up with the latest “must-have” ingredients (Hyaluronic acid? Retinols? Algae? Bee Venom?!?) can seem daunting to those of use who neglected to major in chemistry (or zoology) in college.

As easy as it is to fall down the product-lined rabbit hole of this modern skincare wonderland we’ve living in, let’s not forget an equally important tool in any beauty arsenal: skincare treatments. What you’re doing TO your skin can have just as much of an impact as what you put ON it. Treatments can pay BIG dividends if used regularly in your regime. It just so happens that one of the most effective treatments – hot and cold therapy - utilizes some very basic scientific principles to deliver seriously magical skincare benefits.

Applying heat to the skin dilates blood vessels while increasing blood flow and circulation. Increased circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to cells, which in turn helps with the removal of cell waste and toxins. This accounts for the much-touted “pore opening” benefits of a good facial. Looking for an even bigger beauty upside? Applied heat stimulates the production of collagen in the dermal layer - and we all know how important collagen is for supple, age-defying skin! Acne-causing bacteria can also be effectively treated using pulsed light and heat energy treatments. And if that’s not enough, heat helps to relax muscles and promote stress reduction, too.

Applying cold to the skin stimulates blood vessels and circulation in the opposite way from heat. With cold treatment, blood vessels narrow and blood flow decreases, resulting in reduced inflammation, swelling and puffiness. (Now you’ve got the science behind why applying cold cucumber slices to the under-eye area has become our go-to mental image for spa day!) Cold is particularly soothing for inflamed skin, and when incorporated into a skincare routine, it can produce a tightening effect that helps to minimize the appearance of pores. Cold treatments have long been praised for their assistance in locking moisture into the skin as well.

Not surprisingly, “contrast” treatments - like MODULO's Dual Collagen Activator - that utilize hot and cold together offer the best of both worlds – allowing you to harness the full spectrum of each modality and deliver the full range of benefits to your complexion. Using heat to open your pores and release waste and toxins, then applying cold to soothe and firm skin, might very well be THE perfect combo move for unveiling a healthier, more radiant complexion!



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