Anti-Aging Collagen Boost+

Anti-Aging Collagen Boost+


MODULO Anti-Aging Collagen Boost Targets and Corrects:

Collagen & Elastin Production

Skin Firmness

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Blocking UVB Rays

Our Anti-Aging Collagen Boost serum has been designed with powerful active ingredients to promote collagen and elastin production while actively blocking harmful collagen-destroying enzymes within the skin, resulting in firmer skin. We have also added time-released ingredients to moisturize the skin throughout the day providing a lasting radiant glow.

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More about MODULO Anti-Aging Collagen Boost

What it is:
Our Anti-Aging + Collagen Boost serum is a powerful multiple-target formula that increases collagen production and blocks MMP production to smooth out wrinkles and increase skin thickness thereby reducing the signs of aging. This unique sustained release formula works with natural ingredients found in the seeds of the marine seaweed plant called Enteromorpha compressa.

How does it work?
Our formula uses the powerful ingredient Homeostatinetm to increase the production of collagen and other components located in the fibroblasts, which means fuller dermal layers below the outermost layer of skin. This ingredient also inhibits the production of MMP-1 and pro-inflammatory mediators, which increase skin sagging and deteriorate the layers of dermis below the outermost layer of skin, which causes wrinkles and sagging. The formula is enhanced with 3D-Matrixtm, which is a natural active ingredient from the Tara Tree that give the formula a sustained release providing immediate and long-lasting results.

Application instructions:
Apply 2 times per day to clean and dry skin. Can be used with Red LED therapy.