Brighten & Tone+

Brighten & Tone+


Clear up age spots and uneven skin tone in two weeks.

MODULO Brighten & Tone is formulated to:

Brighten Skin in 14 Days

Reduce Dark Spots

Block UV-Induced Cell Damage

Improve Natural Exfoliation Process to Reveal Radiant Skin

Reduce Wrinkles and Reverse the Signs of Aging

Over time skin tone can become uneven and dark spots can appear, due to aging, hormone changes and exposure to the sun. Our Brighten & Tone+ serum has been formulated with MFactor 4tm, which is our fast-acting active ingredient matrix that has been proven to visibly brighten skin in as little as 2 weeks. Our formula contains nature-identical trans resveratrol - an ingredient found in red grapes - that provides a multi-target mechanism that prevents melanin production by up to 50% in a safe and more effective way than any other brightener on the market.

We have also included key ingredients from the caviar lime to increase cell turnover through the body's natural exfoliation process and Vitamin C to further enhance skin health. The formula is rounded out with our own matrix of active ingredients that are supercharged with the use of LED light therapy, further enhancing the brightening effects when used with our MODULO Ultimate Skin Control 6-in-1 tool.


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More about MODULO Brighten & Tone+

What it is:
Our Brighten & Tone serum is a multi-targeted formula that is proven to reduce melanin production by up to 50% and visibly brighten the skin within 2 weeks. It also blocks the harmful effects of UV-induced cell damage on the top layer and sub-dermal layers of skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

How it Works:
Our formula contains MFactor 4tm, a powerful blend of natural active ingredients that work to block melanin production three ways. Studies have shown that the active ingredients show an 18x decrease in facial UV spots and a 150% decrease in melanin content in hyper-pigmented spots within 84 days of use. The formula includes active ingredients from the caviar lime, that has been proven to vastly improve the skins natural exfoliation process, which helps to reveal new, vibrant skin. The formula is designed to show even more dramatic results when used in conjunction with our MODULO Ultimate Control 6-in-1 tool, with active ingredients that are triggered when subjected to LED light therapy.

Application instructions:
Apply 2 times per day to clean and dry skin on the face and neck, only. To increase the effectiveness of the serum, apply after cleaning the skin and pores thoroughly with a good cleansing agent. Use with 10 minutes of LED therapy to further enhance the effectiveness and gain faster results.