Clean and exfoliate skin without harsh abrasives and chemicals.

MODULO Cleanse+ is formulated to:

Promote the Skin's Natural Exfoliation Process

Clean Deep within the Pores

Effectively Remove Makeup and Dirt

Tighten Skin

A beautiful complexion starts with clean and clear skin, and our nature-charged cleansing foam was specially formulated to remove oil, dirt, and toxins from even the deepest of pores with the power of natural active ingredients.  Our Cleanse+ uses a special exfoliating agent extracted from the Caviar Lime, a precious fruit naturally rich in AHAs, to keep your body's natural exfoliation process in check.

By stimulating the connection between the outermost layer of skin and the layers below, dead skin cells are removed and replaced with the new layers below. This natural exfoliation of only the dead skin cells is exactly what nature intended.


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More about MODULO Cleanse+

What it is:
MODULO Cleanse+ is a gentle, but powerful foaming gel that uses active ingredients extracted from the Caviar Lime to improve the natural exfoliation process in the skin. Unlike chemical and mechanical peels, our Cleanse+ exfoliating gel induces your body's natural exfoliation process, so only dead skin cells are removed resulting in healthy, glowing skin without unnecessary damage to the top layer of skin.

How does it work?
Our Cleanse+ is formulated with Lime Pearltm - an exfoliating agent extracted from the Caviar Lime, a precious fruit naturally rich in AHAs. By stimulating TRPV3 channels, it offers a new mechanism to gently promote the body’s natural mechanism for skin exfoliation.

Application instructions:
Rinse the face with lukewarm water and apply 5-8 pumps of cleansing gel to the palm of your hand. Work into a lather and apply to the face and neck. Gently work the formula into the skin and rinse after 30-60 seconds. Pat dry and apply your favorite hydrating lotion. May be used in the morning and in the evening as part of your cleansing routine.