Essential Anti-Aging Bundle

Essential Anti-Aging Bundle


"It’s rare to find a product that seriously works." Brit+Co.


Introduce your skin to power of natural active ingredients that deliver immediate results.

This essential set includes our two most-powerful serums your skin needs to stop the aging process in it's tracks and restore the foundation of health deep within the skin. Both serums are formulated with powerful and proven natural active ingredients to deliver stunning results from the first application.

The Essential Anti-Aging Bundle includes:

1 MODULO Eye Rescue Serum+ - 0.5 fl oz

1 MODULO Anti-Aging Collagen Boost+ - 1.0 fl oz

60 Days Risk-Free
As with all of our powerful serums, try risk-free for 60 days - if you do not see the results and feel the natural difference, return it. No questions asked.

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More about what is in this bundle

MODULO Anti-Aging Collagen Boost - 1.0 fl oz
Our Anti-Aging Collagen Boost serum has been designed with powerful active ingredients to promote collagen and elastin production while actively blocking harmful collagen-destroying enzymes within the skin, resulting in firmer skin. We have also added time-released ingredients to moisturize the skin throughout the day providing a lasting radiant glow.

MODULO Eye Rescue Serum+ - 0.5 fl oz
We have formulated this corrective serum around diamond powder to give immediate results the first application while the active ingredients work to correct the skin for lasting results. Drastically reduces dark circles and puffiness within the first use.