Radiant Rose Water

Radiant Rose Water


This is what professionals are raving about - natural hydration and rejuvenation with Rose Water extracts

MODULO Radiant Rose Water will:

Hydrate and Refresh Facial Skin in Each Use

Promote Sense of Well Being

Set Makeup and Maintain Fresh Look throughout the Day

Our Radiant Rose Water is formulated to help you achieve a dewey luminous look instantly at any time of the day. Our special formula is made with natural ingredients that help your skin stay hydrated throughout the day and even give you a sense of well being, thanks to an endorphin release. This lightweight, refreshing mist can even be applied over makeup.

Naturally high in Vitamin C and the added benefit of endorphin releasing properties, our own special blend of this timeless beauty secret helps soothe tired, irritated skin, for a rejuvenated feel and appearance. Delivering unparalleled hydration and moisture, Radiant Rose Water with active ingredients from the Arctic Rose leaves skin radiant, dewy, and glowing.


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More about MODULO Radiant Rose Water

What it is:
The MODULO Radiant Rose Water is an all-natural formula that incorporates the power of rose water for skin hydration and the anti-stress properties of the Arctic Rose in one solution. Our Radiant Rose Water takes skin health to the next level by increasing a sense of well-being by active endorphin release in a safe and natural way.

How does it work?
Our specially formulated solution utilizes the Artic Rose and rosavines to safely and effectively hydrate the top layer of skin and bring about a sense of well-being with a proven receptor stimulation through dermal application. The active ingredients work to relax the skin by triggering B-endorphin release through central and peripheral receptors upon spray application. In addition, the active ingredients found within Rosavines provides an anti-aging treatment by blocking free radicals at the dermal layers.

Application instructions:
Apply to the face and neck at any time in the day when you want to achieve a dewey look.